Privacy Policy

(Applicable to Hong Kong & Macao district only)

Personal Data Collection Statement for Instructor (Franchisee) Applicants

Kumon Hong Kong Company Limited

1. Personal Data Privacy

Kumon Hong Kong Company Limited (“Kumon Hong Kong”) always strives to protect the personal data privacy of Instructor (Franchisee) Applicants. Kumon Hong Kong respect personal data privacy and are committed to fully implementing and complying with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions under the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” (“Ordinance”). Any personal data which is collected from you shall be handled in accordance with this “Personal Data Collection Statement for Instructor (Franchisee) Applicants” (“Statement”). 

2. Purposes of Collection of Personal Data 

Your provision of all personal data requested in the “Instructor (Franchisee) Application Form” is obligatory. The personal data collected from you will be used for purposes relating to your application for Instructor (Franchisee) and will be used from time to time for Instructor (Franchisee) related matters (if applied successfully). You must ensure that all personal data provided are accurate, complete and up-to-date. If fail to supply such data or if the personal data provided is inaccurate or incomplete, the process and the outcome of your Instructor (Franchisee) application may be affected, and may result in Kumon Hong Kong unable to process your application.

3. Disclosure of Personal Data

Kumon Hong Kong will take all practicable steps to keep your personal data confidential but we may provide your personal data to the following parties (whether within or outside Hong Kong/Macau):
  1. subsidiaries, associated companies of Kumon Hong Kong; and
  2. any person to whom we are under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on Kumon Hong Kong.
    Such data may be transferred to a place outside Hong Kong/Macau.
4. Access and Correction of Personal Data 

You may at any time request access to and to correct personal data relating to you in relation to your application. A reasonable fee may be charged to you for processing any data access request. Any request for the correction of or access to personal data should be addressed in writing to:

Personal Data Privacy Officer
Kumon Hong Kong Company Limited
Rooms 3403-08, 34th Floor, Chubb Tower, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Hong Kong
5. Retention of Personal Data

Kumon Hong Kong will ensure your personal data is not kept longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose for which your personal data is or is to be used. Personal data of unsuccessful applicant will normally be destroyed within six months after rejection of the application. 
September 2017 Version

Note: This Statement may from time to time be updated, revised, or otherwise changed where Kumon Hong Kong deem necessary. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese version, the Chinese version shall apply and prevail