Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not have any experience in education. Am I qualified for becoming a Kumon instructor?

Even if you do not have any experience or background in education, you can also become an outstanding instructor if you have passion in education, have desire to learn continuously and fulfil the responsibilities as a Kumon instructor.

As Kumon instructors, you are required to study the Kumon worksheets in great details. Before center operation, you need to participate in a series of training and center attachment.

After your center is opened, you will also take part in our regularly trainings and lectures which organized by the company to enhance your instruction skills and center operation skills.

2. Besides instructing students in center, does instructor have other duties?

Besides instructing students in center, Kumon instructor needs to set suitable study projection and assign appropriate worksheets for individual students based on their learning ability. In addition, Instructor needs to communicate with parents and handle operational tasks. Kumon instructor is required to attend trainings such as seminars to improve their instruction skills as well as Kumon students continuously learning.

3. Can instructor fully delegate the instruction duty to others?

No. To ensure instruction quality and smooth center operation, instructor must be fully responsible for both instruction and center operation as a full-time instructor. Of course, instructor can hire center assistants to help in center. However, the instruction duty cannot be fully delegated to others.

4. How much does it cost to set up a Kumon education center?

The initial investment includes rental, interior decoration, furniture, etc. As rental expense varies in different regions, you can contact your area Kumon branch office for more information.

5. I am currently employed and cannot set up a Kumon education center immediately. Can I still sign up and attend the Instructors’ Orientation?

You are welcome to attend our Instructors’ Orientation. After the orientation, you can discuss with our staff about your current situation and future plans.

6. Can I ask my friend or relative to attend the Instructors’ Orientation for me?

No, it is necessary for you to come in person in order to have a better understanding of the career development in Kumon. Besides, it is a good opportunity for you to communicate with our staff about your concerns. If you would like someone to come with you, we certainly welcome.