The Kumon Method puts emphasis on “Individualised Instruction” and insists on providing tailor-made study plan and progress to each child in order to nurture their self-learning ability and unleash their maximum potential. With over 50 years’ experience in education, we have concluded that the Kumon Method can develop the following abilities and attitude in children.

  • Advanced academic skills: comprehension ability, logical thinking ability, expression skills, etc
  • Self-learning ability: goal-setting ability, problem-solving skills, advanced concentration ability, perseverance, challenging spirit, etc

Realising Dreams by Developing Self-learning Ability

Improving academic results is important to children. Kumon has achieved unprecedented results in this aspect. However, what we pursue is more than just boosting academic results and enhancing children’s Math, English and Chinese ability. The true value of Kumon is to develop children’s self-learning attitude and ability. Children will gain a sense of satisfaction from self-learning and they will keep advancing and striving for their dreams.

As such, Kumon encourages children to study every day and learn to be independent through self-learning. Children gain confidence from solving problems on their own. When they grow up and step into society, they can still keep learning and make efforts towards realising their goals and dreams.

Kumon Mathematics

Objective: to enable children to self-study secondary school mathematics

  • The learning contents include number counting at kindergarten level, four mixed operations at primary school level, to factorisation at junior secondary school level and calculus at senior secondary school level.
  • The learning materials are well-organised and step-by-step, enabling children to self-study secondary-school mathematics.

Kumon Chinese

Objective: to develop a high level of Chinese reading ability

  • The learning materials cover pronunciation, Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, etc. This program helps children enrich their vocabulary and develop advanced reading comprehension ability.
  • By studying Kumon worksheets, listening to CD and reading aloud, children’s Chinese ability can be enhanced effectively.

Kumon EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

Objective: to develop an advanced level of reading comprehension ability

  • The learning contents start from the simplest content such as vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar to more complicated contents in reading comprehension. Children gradually increase their English proficiency and gain confidence in learning English.
  • The learning materials are divided into seven learning stages. By studying Kumon worksheets, listening to CD every day and reading aloud, children develop their English reading comprehension ability.

Kumon ERP (English Reading Program)

Objective: to develop a high level of English reading ability

  • Practice includes comprehension, grammar, writing, listening and oral exercise with daily expressions.
  • Enrich vocabulary, enhance reading and writing ability as well as mastering the techniques of comprehension.
  • Strengthen the confidence in English usage and arouse learning interest.