Advance Study Beyond School Grade

With daily study of certain amount of worksheets and appropriate instruction of the instructor, students can study by themselves beyond the limit of their school grades

Kumon Believes that Children Have Limitless Potential

When instructing students of different ages and levels of ability, the founder of Kumon, Mr Toru Kumon discovered that every child has unlimited potential. He thought that “It is regretful not to enhance child’s ability when possible. It is undesirable to teach in large group and waste the time of students with high abilities. It is regretful not to learn equations before secondary school. Kumon believes that every child can study at just-right level with individualized instruction and tailor-made study plan. Even for students who started in an undesirable learning situation, after a certain period of continuous study, they can enhance their study skills and accuracy, and achieve advance study beyond school grade.

Advance Study Beyond School Grade Makes School Study Easier

In order that students can obtain the best learning outcomes within the shortest time, Kumon worksheets do not cover the entire school curriculum. Kumon Math focuses on calculation ability. Kumon native language programs aim at increasing reading ability. Kumon foreign language programs put emphasis on reading comprehension ability. Based on these objectives, only essential learning contents are selected and included in Kumon worksheets. Students are guided to study by themselves and achieve advance study beyond school grade. Their basic academic ability and self-learning ability are improved drastically. They will then find school study easier

Advance Study Beyond School Grade Helps in Personality Development

Most of the students who achieve advance study beyond school grade are “nice and considerate”, even for kindergartners. It is because after achieving advance study beyond school grade, they have higher capabilities, become confident and are able to think from others’ perspective and help others.

After achieving advance study beyond school grade, students can have more time to pursue other interests to enrich their lives. Among those students who have achieved advance study years beyond their school grades, there is a common characteristic—“love reading”. Through abundant amount of reading, children can understand the structure of society, different walks of lives and develop a correct value towards life.