The Kumon Method


At Kumon we are dedicated to fully pursuing the potential of each individual student. Kumon Instructors provide just enough guidance for their students to be able to do the exercises on their own. As a result, our students learn that they can do anything if they try, build self-esteem, and develop the ability to take on new challenges for themselves.

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Kumon Mathematics

  • The learning contents include number counting at kindergarten level, four mixed operations at primary school level, to factorisation at junior secondary school level and calculus at senior secondary school level...

Kumon Chinese

  • The learning materials cover pronunciation, Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, etc. This program helps children enrich their vocabulary and develop advanced reading comprehension ability....

Kumon EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

  • The learning contents start from the simplest content such as vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar to more complicated contents in reading comprehension. Children gradually increase their English proficiency and gain confidence in learning English.... ;

Kumon ERP (English Reading Program)

  • Practice includes comprehension, grammar, writing, listening and oral exercise with daily expressions...
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Individualized Instruction

The Kumon Method is child-oriented. Instructors assign the most appropriate starting point and study progress based on each child’s learning ability, regardless of age or school grade, so that every child can learn at a “just-right” level.

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The Kumon Method develops children’s self-learning ability, which enables them to acquire knowledge on their own. Through studying examples on worksheets and obtaining guidance from instructors, children can learn independently.

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Advance Study Beyond School Grade

The Kumon Method unearths children’s potential. Through daily learning of appropriate number of worksheets, children build a solid foundation and gradually study beyond their current school grades. They will learn things that have not yet been taught at school and their learning abilities will be enhanced.

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