Kumon Educational Supplementary Learning Tools and Stationery
Think of Children, Learn from Children

KUMON TOY is a brand of educational toys produced by Kumon.

Since the launch of our first jigsaw puzzle series in 1984, we have been developing a wide range of educational toys and stationery to enhance children's learning experience. We have developed our products with a "child-centered" approach and with the idea of enhancing children’s learning in Kumon education centres. We will continuously create more fun learning tools and stationery for children to learn in a fun way.
Kumon Number Board 1-30 and 1-100

Kumon Magnetic Number Boards

  • Two sets: 1-30 (beginners) and 1-100 (advanced learner)
  • With the user-friendly feature, children can enhance their learning skills through games anytime and anywhere
  • Effectively enhance children's counting, number sense, hand-eye coordination, recognition skills, hand and finger dexterity
  • Thoughtful design to cater for children's learning needs, as the size and colour of the board and number pieces
  • Children can visualize and understand the complex number concepts and rules through playing with the number boards in a variety of ways  
  • From beginning to advanced level, this game prepares children for learning singular and even numbers, addition, subtraction, and multiplication in a progressive manner afterwards

Find out more: How to play (Traditional Chinese version only)
Kumon Magnetic Number Board 1-30 Instructions (Both Traditional Chinese and English)
Kumon Magnetic Number Board 1-100 Instructions (Both Traditional Chinese and English)

Jigsaw Puzzles Series

  • Divided into eight stages
  • Puzzles in different sizes to suit different ages
  • Easy for children to pick up and put together to improve strength and dexterity of their hands and fingers
  • Bright and colourful puzzles with different themes based on children's favourite animals, vehicles, etc.
  • A small handle for easy grasping of the puzzles, which is effective in training kindergarteners’ thinking and hand dexterity 
  • Improves children's work ability, concentration, and recognition skills

Stationery Series
Specially Designed Writing Tools for kindergarteners

1) Help children to master the correct pencil grip easily 
2) Work with Kumon Pencil Skills Programme (Zun Zun) that strengthens children’s pencil skills, through the practice of colouring and underlining from the beginning to the advanced stage, to cultivate a sense of success, satisfaction, and learning motivation
3) Suitable writing tools to reduce the pressure on the hands

Kumon Triangular Wooden Pencils 

  • 3 main types (6B, 4B, and 2B)
  • Made of high-quality graphite and light Canadian wood
  • Thicker core and barrel for easier grip and less breakage
  • Designed to fit the small hands of kindergarteners  

6B Pencil
Length 12.2x0.9cm (suitable for 2-4 years old): The color is relatively dark, which is suitable for children who have just started to learn how to write 

4B Pencil 
Length 15x0.9cm (Suitable for 3-5 years old): Suitable for practicing simple writing such as numbers 

2B Pencil
Length 17x0.9cm (suitable for 4-6 years old): Suitable for children who are preparing or have just entered primary schools, want to write complete sentences

Kumon Triangular Pencil Grips

  • Suitable for kindergarteners who have just started to use pencil
  • Correct children's hand gestures, which make it easier for children to master the correct writing posture
  • Suitable for both left and right hands
  • A set of two: rabbit and car

Kumon Triangular Pencil Sharpener

  • Designed for Kumon Triangular Wooden Pencil with thicker barrel
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