Upgraded Chinese Worksheets Make Learning Chinese Fun

The upgraded Kumon Chinese 7A-5A worksheets have been used in Ms Bai’s Kumon education center as trial for half a year. How is the learning effect of children? Let’s hear what Ms Bai said.

Easy to Remember

Ms Bai said, “In the upgraded Chinese worksheets, level 7A and level 6A were newly added and the content in level 5A has revised as well. As learning contents for preschoolers, the increment in difficulty is smaller and the difficulty as a whole is lowered. It will be easier for young children to pick up.

For example, before letting children learn to write, the upgraded worksheets added more learning contents about listening and reading. Those inputs help children recognize (words) and build a foundation for writing in the future. Over the six months of the trial use, the completion time of those who study upgraded worksheets are shorter than those who study old version; the accuracy is improved too.”

Learning with Fun

Ms Bai said, “Upgraded worksheet added songs, rhymes, poems that children like to listen. The content is richer. It is easier to develop children’s learning interest.

When children do not know how to pronounce, they are willing to listen to CD again, read aloud and imitate the sound in the CD. Compared to the old version of the worksheets, it is easier for children to develop self-learning habit and move on to higher level worksheets. Over the six month of the trial use, parents were satisfied with the learning outcomes.”

Reading Comprehension

Ms Bai continued, “The ultimate goal of Kumon Chinese is to develop a high-level of reading ability. Although the upgraded worksheets are low level worksheets, they are also preparation for achieving the goal.

For instance, the upgraded version added many sentences as introductory contents together with interesting illustrations, which can lead children to observe and enhance their short-term memory. With the abundant input of short sentences, learning the short stories comprehension part will be much smoother.”

Ms Bai concluded, “Kumon emphasizes ‘learning from children’. The upgrade of Chinese worksheets this time is a very good practice. All the newly added and revised contents are based on the actual learning situation of children and are modified based on the needs of children. During the trial use of the upgraded worksheets, I spent several months to study the worksheets. I also made corresponding preparations in center assistant trainings and center operations. All in all, the feedbacks of children and parents are desirable.”