A New Motivation for Kindergartners to Learn Chinese

Upgraded Kumon Chinese Level 4A-2A Worksheets

Following the upgrade of Kumon Chinese level 7A-5A worksheets in January 2017, we are pleased to announce the upgrade of the next stage - level 4A-2A has been launched in this March!

Mr. Toru Kumon, the founder of Kumon, highly valued the cultivation of children's native language ability in early childhood. He strongly believed that the accumulation of vocabulary helps preschoolers to develop reading comprehension skill, which is an indispensable ability for them to learn and understand other subjects as well. Whether it is the upgrade of level 7A-5A or 4A-2A, the objective is to make learning Chinese easier for kindergartners.

Now, let us see what special about the upgrade of level 4A-2A is!

Develop a Good Habit of Reading Along with CD | Boost Self-confidence by Reading Fluently

In language learning, listening and repeating play significant roles. With Kumon’s well-developed study flow, children can develop a good habit of listening CD and repeating. Even preschoolers can learn to use CD player on their own.

When children read aloud with CD and do the worksheets, they will gradually remember the shape of the Chinese pinyin characters, and learn the correct way of pronunciation and spelling. When they do not know the vocabulary, they can understand by listening to CD and referring to the illustrations. Kumon instructor pays special attention to the reading speed and where to pause while children are reading; they will praise and encourage children appropriately. It helps children to read and repeat smoothly, and to boost their self-confidence.

Accumulate Vocabulary and Short Sentences | Enhance Reading Ability

Level 7A-5A focuses on oral reading and trains children the pronunciation of words and sentences. Level 4A-2A not only further enhances the oral reading, but also improves children’s reading comprehension skill. By learning different types of vocabulary, including nouns, adjectives, verbs and etc., and learning different forms of sentences, children will accumulate an abundant amount of vocabulary and become familiar with various sentence patterns. Reading short articles of a variety of topics and illustrations can stimulate children’s reading interest, and help them to understand the usage of vocabulary in sentences. By studying daily, their reading ability can be improved significantly.

From Word Tracing to Copying | Able to Write Independently

Starting from level 4A, the worksheets include the writing part, Kumon instructor would pay attention to cultivate children the “read before writing” habit; it assists children to truly understand the article and meet the requirement of the questions. In addition, when children are reading, they remember the shape of the Chinese characters; it will be very beneficial in the learning writing.

Ms Leung, a Kumon instructor from Hong Kong, who participated in the trials of upgraded Chinese worksheets shared with us, “First read the whole sentence or articles and questions, and then write the answer. The purpose is to allow children to focus on what content they are actually learning, and avoid direct copying answers from the passage.”

When tracing words, the order of strokes are provided in the worksheets, children only need to follow the order of stroke of each character and they can write the Chinese characters accurately and of appropriate size.

Let us watch the video of Kumon students who participated in the trials of upgraded Chinese learning materialsworksheets and get to know their learning outcomes:

We believe that the upgrade of the worksheet will make more preschoolers love learning Chinese. If you would like to know more about Kumon Chinese or other subjects, we welcome you to click here to search for the nearest Kumon education center and make an appointment with Kumon Instructor for Parents’ Orientation and free Diagnostic Test.